Abdulla Ibrahim M B Al Dosari
2 min readMar 3, 2021

Body dysmorphic or dysmorphia.

What is it?

People what they think of them.

Some people see themselves as good but they must see something in them that they don’t like.

People are not thin and not fat but they think that they are fat because they are not thin. So they keep on dieting and they starve herself just to lose some pounds. Somepeople can’t fight starvation so they start to do surgery.

Most of them usually do surgery for their nose just to be perfect. Some of them don’t leave the house without a chance without makeup. People talk a lot if they don’t like something they put on the media so that they affect them more. They start to focus on small tiny things like acne, no way they will leave it and live normal, no they have to put makeup on just to look perfect so no one can laugh at her. Some people don’t get out during the day without sun cream like they don’t have allergies or something no they are afraid of their skin to burn, it is okay to put sunscreen on but not everyday. If someone wants to live a happy life he has to not care about people what they think of him or her. They should do what they really want and act what they themselves like, not trying to be someone not you just to let people like you. If they were born with dark brown hair and people start to laugh at her she will dye it without a second thought.

We should give body dysmorphic some confidence so they don’t get hurt by silly things, we should show them that this body dysmorphic is something custom. No one or few people borned with it so they are special.